Natural Soap Bags | 5 Styles

Shape & Style

Have you been looking for the best way to store soap bars? Or perhaps looking for a handy accessory that will turn any soap bar into an exfoliating soap bar or bubbly sponge? Then take a look at our range of natural soap bags.

Soap bags are great for anyone who does not have space for a soap dish, but soap bags are also a useful way at using up that last little bit of soap & get some serious lather!


  • 6 different soap bag styles available
  • Handmade from sustainable & biodegradable plant fibres
  • Choose the Open Weave Jute Soap Bag or Sisal Soap Bag if you just need to keep your soap dry
  • Choose the Jute, Bamboo, Rami  or Open Weave Sisal soap bags if you need a body scrub or a way of using up your last little bit of soap


  • Some people leave their soap bars inside these soap bags for storing, however we would only suggest doing so if it is an open weave like our Jute or Sisal options. Natural soap bars need to dry out between use & do not like to be kept moist.