Customisable Top To Toe Soap Gift Set From £2 | Pick Your Own Shampoo Bars, Body Soaps & More!


Our standard Top To Toe Soap Gift Set now includes everything you need as head to toe soap BUT like we say within Our Values, we listen to all feedback, and as a result have given you the ability to create your own unique Top Toe Toe Soap Gift Set. Add your own choice of head to toe soap bars.

We recommend selecting between 6 to 8 products to ensure your Top To Toe Bath Soap Gift Set is neither too full or too sparse, though we'll ensure whatever soap bars you select, it looks amazing!

Every Top To Toe Soap Gift Set is:

  • Palm Oil Free
  • Plastic Free* (We may reuse bubble wrap when posting your order)
  • Sulphate Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Packaged within an FSC certified & fully bio-degradeable cardboard box
  • Filled with bio-degradeable Kraft zig-zag shredded paper
  • Labelled with Ellie Poo paper which is bio-degradeable & handmade with 25% elephant poo (Yep, we couldn't believe it either!)

And if you decide to add the wrapping paper, ribbon & a tag option for an additional £1, the:

  • Wrapping paper is bio-degradeable & made from post-consumer waste with natural vegetable ink
  • Ribbon used is 100% natural
  • Gift tag is cut from natural Kraft cardboard

What's more, here at Adam & Eco we like to reuse as much packaging as possible that we receive from our suppliers. Plus, the cellotape we use is also the plastic free good stuff!

If you really can't decide our standard 5* reviewed Top To Toe Soap Gift is incredibly popular, with what we believe is everything you need to go Top To Toe with Adam & Eco!

Please Note

The image used is an example of the contents only and there could be slight variations within your Top To Toe Soap Gift Set.

Unless specified the fragrances, colours & shapes of the products you choose could vary slightly from those shown. 

If you do choose to fill your bath soap gift set with less than the recommended number of products we may choose a smaller sized box than the one shown.

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