Aroma Diffuser

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BRAND NEW to Adam & Eco is this Aroma Diffuser that can fill your room with fragrance in seconds

"As you may have seen on Instagram we tested our Aroma Diffuser with Citronella essential oil on a recent camping holiday to deter the midgies...and it worked. There were noticeably less!"  

Aroma Diffusers disperse water and/or your favourite fragrance instantly into the air using what's known as atomization technology. No more waiting for plug in air fresheners or for your wax melts or candles to start working. With an Aroma Diffuser you get your fragrance fast!

Aroma Diffusers come supplied with a USB cable so can be powered from a power bank or a plug. The Aroma Diffuser seen here is being powered by a powerbank, making them very portable & versatile. 

Q - Why use an Aroma Diffuser instead of a plug in air freshener, oil burner, wax melt warmer or incense sticks?

  • Instant fragrance/freshness - Literally seconds!
  • Incredibly safe - No heat or naked flames including an auto shut off feature
  • Portable - Can be used in the car, outdoors or even inside a tent!
  • Works as a portable humidifier when no fragrance is added
  • Aids rest & relaxation
  • Looks stunning in any room
  • Makes a great alternative gift

Q - What's the downside to using an Aroma Diffuser as opposed to my Oil Burner or other air freshener? (Honesty is part of Our Values)

  • If you want to swap the essential oil inside, it is best to change the cotton wick inside to avoid a mixed fragrance being released, which could be perceived as fiddly
  • Water is filled inside the Aroma Diffuser so it must be kept flat for safety


  • Approximately 100mm diameter
  • Comes boxed
  • Includes a USB cable & instruction manual
  • 130ml water capacity
  • Approx. 3 - 4 hours of constant fragrance from one fill
  • Includes an automatic colour changing LED light
  • Wood grain effect, however this is very convincing!
  • Almost silent at approx. 5 decibels
  • 2 modes: On with LED's or on without LED's
  • Choose from dark or light wood effect



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