The Best Freshly Handmade & Natural Soap Bars, Mini Soaps, Soap Gifts & Soap Accessories

Who Else Tries Every Soap Bar They Sell?

At The Smallest Soap Shop in Leeds we try every soap bar we stock to ensure you get the very best fresh, handmade, natural & vegan soap bars around. We will never stock any soap bar if it does not meet our Eco Code or match Our Values.

We're Proud Of Our Soap Suppliers

The handmade soap bars we stock have all been chosen for very specific reasons, and we're proud to highlight the fantastic natural soap suppliers who make them. We will never repackage the soap bars we stock and sell them as our own. That's a promise. Many high street & online retailers do this, you'd be surprised. Currently we stock soap bars from Friendly Soap, Eco Soap, Watkins & Lomond Soap. Do you produce natural soap bars? We'd love to hear from you. Please use our Contact Form.

We Publish All Reviews

We're an honest Mum & Son team that listens & responds to all feedback. Good or bad we want to know so we can grow. For example who else would tell you openly that their Watkins Liquorice Root Soap Bar is best used in the shower to avoid having to possibly rinse the bath afterwards?

We Reward Loyalty

Join Our Rewards Scheme today for an instant reward you can spend online straight away, plus earn rewards in lots of ways too. Introduce your friends, leave online reviews, like our Facebook page, and lots more!

Thankyou & Happy Shopping...

Take a look around, we're really happy to have you here, and if you have any questions, comments or feedback we would love to hear from you. Just use the 'message us' button hovering on your screen, our contact form or visit Facebook or Twitter.