Our Values

Unlike our Eco Code which is about the products we stock, our values are about ourselves, and our business, Adam & Eco.

1) Have a face

Both on the high street and online we want our customers to have products they can touch, but also a person knowledgeable they can speak to if they need to.

2) Understand our products

Every product we stock has to be tested to ensure it meets our Eco Code, but also we have to be knowledgeable about its ingredients, its benefits, and be honest about its abilities.

3) Have a limited, specialist range

We will never stock 100's of soaps or 100's of bath bombs, instead a limited specialist range of products we and our customers love.

4) Listen to our customers

We  want our customers to know we will listen and adapt our business if we can to better serve their needs.

5) Keep it local. Keep it UK.

Wherever possible we will only stock products made in the UK by small independant businesses. If we have to source a product from abroad we will make every effort to ensure it is fairtrade and ethically sourced.

6) Be Greener

Ultimately our products have to be greener and as natural as they can be. They have to be of benefit, ultimately to the environment.

7) Honesty, Integrity & Transparency 

We will always be honest about the products we sell, be open, transparent & never hide anything. Of course we believe all our current products are fantastic as we have tried them but understand others may not, and will never hide other customers thoughts. Take this 3 star review about our Watkins Honey & Bran Soap Bar, which other sites may have hid. 

There it is, our core values. Seven little points that we hope will make a big difference!