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What Makes Our Traditionally Handmade & Natural Bath Soap Bars & Shampoo Bars So Special?

Take a look at some of the most popular natural soap bars in our 5* Reviewed Soap Bar Collection.

Our artisan handmade soap bars are 100% natural, free from cruelty, SLS, Parabens and anything artificial*, have been tried by ourselves, by you, and made traditionally using the cold process method right here in the UK by independent experts. You may pay more but we guarantee you will notice why.

All of our soap bars & shampoo bars are palm oil & plastic free!

SLS? Parabens? Glycerin? Cold Process? Yep, that's exactly what we thought when we were first introduced to freshly handmade & natural bath soap bars. Here's why we only stock SLS free natural soaps, but if you'd like to know a little more about all the other terms have a read of our A to Eco where we explain each term in a little more detail. Essentially any item that has any term which has a little controversy surrounding it we will not stock.

We believe like most other soap artists that cold process bath soap bars are the ultimate natural soap bars. These freshly handmade soap bars are made using the traditional method of mixing lye with butters, fats, essential oils and other natural ingredients. The mixture never reaches a high enough temperature for any part of the ingredients to evaporate or become compromised, instead retaining all of its beneficial properties for your skin, including the glycerin. Sometimes no heat source is ever actually used. That's why we stock them as like we said within our Eco Code they ultimately benefit the environment the most.

Finding The Best Freshly Handmade Natural Soap Bar For your Needs:

We've created lots of collections to make browsing for your perfect natural soap bar as easy as can be. You can view all of our collections below or alternatively view all soap bars and then use the 'Browse By' function to further refine your search.

You can also browse by your favourite soap bar supplier:

Each natural soap bar range has been chosen for very specific reasons and you can learn about these by visiting each collection above. We won't ever compromise on quality & you can be rest assured our natural soap bars make lots of lovely lather & have fragrance that lasts until the last drop!

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To get the most from your soap bar we suggest using one of our Silicone Soap Dishes to keep your natural soap bar well ventilated and dry.

*Please note some soap bars & bath bombs are not 100% natural, mostly due to some colour being added, however this will amount to less than 1% of the ingredients, and we will always identify which products are nearly natural on their individual pages.