We have tried to list the answers to all your questions below, but we realise we will not have covered everything, so if we haven't please drop us a message using our Contact Form or hit the 'Message Us' button hovering on your screen.

Do your products contain Glycerin?

Yes they do! Although not specifically listed as an ingredient, every soap bar we stock contains natural Glycerin which is produced as a result of the traditional method in which are soap bars are made.

What does 'Nearly Natural' mean?

Don't be scared, we're just being honest. We use this label to identify products that are not 100% natural. This is generally because a colour has been added and will amount to less than 1% of the products total ingredients. An example would be our Mini Soaps.

What makes you an Eco store?

We believe we are making a difference, however small, to the planet and the lives we touch by only stocking a selected range of products that meet our Eco Code. We do not profess to be green, as in all honesty this would be very difficult for anyone to truly achieve, but we are greener. If we all make a small change, collectively this makes a big difference. Read Our Values for a greater insight.

What is your refund policy?

Please have a read of our Refund Policy to ensure you are happy. We follow all current UK Consumer Contracts & Distance Selling Regulations.

What if my item doesn't arrive?

If your item does not arrive please contact us immediately so we can investigate for you. If you have any special delivery instructions please advise us at your time of purchase.

What if my item is damaged or faulty?

All items are delivered securely packaged with lots of extra reused bubble wrap or natural wood wool to soften the bumps during postage, however we cannot guarantee all items will arrive without damage. If you are unlucky enough to receive a damaged item you must notify us within 24 hours of delivery with supporting images for a replacement item to be arranged.

Can you source specific items?

Yes we can. We would love to try and find you that perfect product. Just hit 'Message Us'.

How long does it take for delivery?

You will usually have your order delivered within 5 working days of ordering, however please be aware we do not offer a guaranteed delivery service. Need to know more, have a read of our Full Delivery Information.

How can I contact you?

Our Contact Form is probably the easiest way but we are happy to receive emails, social media messages or even a letter if you prefer! Try the links below to visit our social pages. Alternatively hit 'Message Us'.

What brands do you stock?

We stock only products from small independent companies like ourselves. Most are one or two man teams just like we are, so every purchase you make supports us and them. 

How can I find out about the ingredients in my products?

If you would like a full list of the ingredients used in any of our products please use our Contact Form, however most ingredients are listed within individual product pages. Alternatively if you just want an explanation for a specific ingredient try our A to ECO Ingredients Explained page.

Is Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) bad for you?

This we cannot answer. SLS is actually derived naturally, mostly from coconut or palm kernel oil, it is just manufactured via a chemical process which leads to the concerns some people have. Our entire product range is SLS free as from our own experience we know SLS can clean your skin a little bit too much causing sensitivities.

Do you provide bulk wholesale?

Not currently, however if you have a special request, perhaps for wedding favors, please get in contact. We regularly make custom orders and are happy to do so.