About Us & Our Leeds Soap Shop

Our new Leeds soap shop, aptly named as 'The Smallest Soap Shop', is now open with some of the best natural soap bars sourced from the best UK artisan soap companies.

We try every soap bar we stock to ensure you receive the very best handmade soap bars available. Here's what our customers say:

When you Shop Local at 'The Smallest Soap Shop' in Leeds you're supporting individual families, and not shareholders. 

About Us, Our Values, Our Eco Code... 

We are a small, young company based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, specialising in the best freshly handmade & natural bath soap bars plus essential oil packed bath bombs, affordable bath soap gift sets, plus some amazing eco bathroom accessories.

Adam & Eco came to fruition from our own frustrations of trying to buy greener cleaning products (which some of you will know we once sold) and natural handmade bath soap bars. Although you could find these products online, often they were part of a vast catalogue of products, and as such it became difficult to choose the most appropriate for our needs. Finding these on the high street was even harder. Often the stores that sold natural beauty products and natural bath soap bars only sold their own brand, and then eco cleaning products could generally only be found inside health food stores. This wasn't good for us as we would either have to wait in for a delivery of products we couldn't actually be sure we would like, or go from store to store sourcing the products we wanted.

We soon realised that despite how beneficial these products could be for everyone they weren't readily available and we wanted them to be. That's when we started to think. We didn't want a huge store stocked with over a 1000 products like the ones we found above. How could anyone despite their beliefs be knowledgeable about all these different products, they simply couldn't. We wanted a store that would be a starting point for people; a store with a limited range of products that people use daily and can really understand and appreciate; a store with a clear message. All of this backed by knowledge. Knowledge from using and understanding the products we would sell. This slowly formed part of our Adam & Eco Code, and Our Values.

Our range of freshly handmade & natural soap bars, bath bombs, bath soap gift sets and eco accessories have all been cherry picked for numerous reasons but ultimately because we believe them to be the best and most affordable available. Our current product reviews show our customers agree too. They most certainly are amazing value! Most are also made right here in the UK from small independent businesses like our own, and if they are sourced internationally we will always try and ensure they are fairtrade and ethical.

Have a browse of our online store and if you'd like to know more or have any suggestions then please do get in contact using our contact form. We would love to hear from you, and welcome any feedback on our website. We really do want to create an affordable natural home, fragrance, bath & beauty store that works for you. We hope our new Leeds soap shop has everything you need.

Thank you for visiting. We really appreciate your support.

The Adam & Eco team - Linda (Mum) & Simon (Son)!