About Us & Our Leeds Soap Shop

Our new, and slightly larger Yorkshire soap shop in Leeds Kirkgate Market is now open!

Aptly named by our customers as 'The Smallest Soap Shop,' we stock a surprisingly large range of all natural soap bars, solid shampoo bars, nourishing conditioner bars, plus ethical plastic free gifts & eco accessories.

We try every soap bar we stock to ensure you receive the very best handmade soap bars available. Here's what our customers say:

When you Shop Local at 'The Smallest Soap Shop' in Leeds you're supporting individual families, and not shareholder. So please come in & take a look around! 



About Us, Our Values & Our Eco Code

Have you ever tried searching for natural soap & shampoo bars on your local high street? You'll know how hard it is to find soap or shampoo bar shops, other than perhaps the biggest high street names. Often these products can only be found at artisan type markets.

That's ultimately why we decided to launch Adam & Eco. We want to become the leading high street brand that specialises in showcasing natural soap & shampoo that has been handmade by the UKs best soap-makers.

It's also about the details though. We wanted to become the 1st plastic free shop in Leeds too. This however is almost impossible, so as we're honest folk, we are almost a 100% plastic free shop! Take a look at this short video to see some of the details that make us a plastic free shop:

Some people would refer to us as been a zero waste shop in Leeds, however we don't believe we are. Zero waste shopping to ourselves is shopping where there is no waste at all, regardless of whether its compostable or biodegradable etc. Our packaging maybe eco friendly, but we certainly wouldn't call ourselves a Leeds zero waste shop. We are however certainly an eco-friendly shop!

Enjoy your for visit,

The Adam & Eco team - Linda (Mum) & Simon (Son)!