Collection: Natural British Soap Bars

Not just another natural UK soap bar, my very own natural British soap bars are handmade with only British grown ingredients & packaging, a UK 1st!

A natural British soap bar with absolutely zero imported ingredients created to offer a truly low carbon alternative to the numerous natural UK soaps available.

Here's what makes my British soap bars different:

  • Available boxed with ingredient labels or as naked soap bars
  • Just 100% British grown ingredients!
  • Handmade with Vitamin E rich, moisturising British Rapeseed Oil
  • High in essential fatty acids & minerals from our unique use of a type of Aquafaba & British sea salt
  • Naturally Glycerin rich
  • Packaged in UK made recycled card boxes or available naked
  • Formulated to stay solid until the end & not to go sludgy
  • Vegan (except Yorkshire Honey)
  • Minimum weight 70g
  • See individual listings for full ingredients

Why not join me in 'Backing Britain' and celebrating what our glorious British Isles has to offer. You'll feel amazing for doing so!