Your Tips Plant Trees Within The Northern Forest Blog Post

Your Tips Plant Trees Within The Northern Forest

Your tips really will go directly towards creating a new forest named The Whiterose Forest within the Leeds City Region! 

Part of The Northern Forest, this project has been set up to help plant 50 million trees across the North of England, transforming the landscape & ultimately helping the environment & slowing climate change.

Since the UK lockdown, we have been promoting buying soap online through our website, either for delivery or collection from our Yorkshire soap shop in Leeds. You may or may not have noticed that when you place an order online you can now add a tip. We're honest Yorkshire folk so we wont be offended if you do not leave one.

We never realised just how many of you would add tips to your orders & for that we are truly greatful & humbled. Obviously these tips would help us navigate our way through the UK lockdown much easier, but for us the environment is much more important, especially our local environment.

So we can guarantee all tips will be going directly towards The Whiterose Forest with our initial donation expected to be made around October when tree planting will begin. And fingers crossed we will be able to show you exactly where our trees will be!

It's all very new so we will keep you updated, but for now if you would like any further information please visit The Northern Forest website.

Thankyou for your amazing & continued support of Adam & Eco!


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