Which Natural Soap Is Best For Me?

Which Natural Soap Is Best For Me?

Are you thinking which natural soap is best for me? Our Soaps page gives a little insight & help in choosing one of our freshly handmade natural soaps, however in this blog post we will explain some of the significant differences.

For many choosing a natural soap is all about its scent however within Our Values we speak about honesty, integrity and transparency, and as such believe we need to share what some may perceive as positive and negative attributes of our handmade soap bars.

Looking at our full size natural soap bars, we currently stock four different ranges; Friendly soap bars, Watkins soap bars, Suma soap bars & Eco Soap soap bars. After trying lots and lots of different natural soap bars we chose these as they are incredible soaps but do have very distinct differences. As a general rule we have found the more moisturising a natural soap bar is the faster it will reduce.

Friendly Soap Bars

These friendly soap bars are free from palm oil and made primarily from shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil. As such this luxurious soap bar will intensely moisturise from the added shea butter, however is a softer soap and so will not last as long as perhaps our Watkins soap. Friendly are our favorite soap bars however we mostly use these on an evening for a little extra luxury.

Suma Soap Bars

Just like our Friendly soap bars these soaps are made with added shea butter and so will intensely moisturise but reduce a little faster.

Watkins Soap Bars

Unlike our Friendly soap bars or Suma soap bars these Watkins soap bars are made primarily from responsibly sourced palm oil (RSPO) plus added botanicals and essential oils. As such these Watkins soap bars are a much harder soap, will moisturise less, but last a little longer. We call this an everyday soap bar.

Eco Soap

These 100% natural soap bars are made from 50% Scottish rapeseed oil which is naturally high in vitamin E and is fantastic for moisturising, however like those with added shea butter these will reduce a little quicker. The rapeseed oil is slowly becoming recognised within the UK for its numerous benefits and so is currently not very common, however it is 100% British. For that alone we love Eco Soaps.

So in a nutshell, or should we say soap shell, we would suggest Watkins soap bars as more everyday soap bars, Friendly or Suma soap bars for a little extra luxury, and then Eco Soap soap bars for intense moisture!

Which natural soap bar will you choose?

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