Welcome To Our Top To Toe Soap Blog

Welcome To Our Top To Toe Soap Blog

Welcome to our 'Top To Toe' soap blog. Here we will show you just how great natural freshly handmade soap bars can be and how versatile they are. Incase you haven't quite realised it yet, we are passionate about natural freshly handmade soap bars, the range we stock, and the benefits they can bring to you and your home. We never quite believed it either, but now, through over two years of trying various products we do. No longer is the humble soap bar left alone in the soap dish whilst the plastic bottled varieties get all the attention. Instead the humble freshly handmade soap bar is used from Top To Toe and even in the kitchen too.

Accompanying our Top To Toe blog will be a very special product release, along with regular short blog bursts with insights into the ingredients that make up our freshly handmade soap bars. We will also update as much as we can within our A to ECO Ingredients Explained

Please note all of our thoughts are our own and based very much on our own experiences. Should you have any specific needs we would urge you to consult with a health professional. We only ever write about what we believe in and what we have experienced but we cannot provide any guarantees. 

Look our for our first Top To Toe blog post which will tell you hopefully all you need to know about using a solid shampoo bar or visit Our Soaps page for a little info about searching for the perfect handmade soap for your needs.


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