Using Solid Shampoo Bars

Using Solid Shampoo Bars

As promised within our new Top To Toe Soap Blog we would tell you all we think you need to know about using freshly handmade solid shampoo soap bars plus we had news about a very special product release. 

Remember we are not experts but speak honestly from our own experience and knowledge, plus that of our customers and the trusted bloggers we work with. 

For those that do not know what a solid shampoo bar is, just think of your favorite bottled shampoo but in a solid bar. Essentially a solid shampoo bar is just another variation on the much loved natural soap bar, with a few little tweaks. Solid shampoo bars are formulated for your hair and as such have ingredients included that are known to nourish and benefit your hair. You can find out which within our individual product descriptions.

So, how should you use a solid shampoo bar?

Initially we would recommend  lathering up your shampoo bar on your hands and then massaging into your scalp, just as you would any bottled shampoo.

After 2 to 3 weeks when your scalp and hair has adjusted you could rub the solid shampoo directly on your hair and scalp, and then massage with your hands.

Then, as with any liquid shampoo, rinse thoroughly.

My hair and scalp feels different, what should I do?

Many bottled liquid shampoos, even premium brands, include ingredients called SLS & parabens. You can find out more about why we only stock SLS free soaps within our blog, but in a nutshell we do not like them as these ingredients clean that well they are contained within many washing up liquids, household and commercial cleaning products. 

As a result of swapping to a solid shampoo bar your hair and scalp is no longer being stripped of everything it needs to grow and stay healthy. Instead this is remaining on your hair and scalp, and hence why for some, their hair and scalp feels different.

Don't stop, keep using your solid shampoo bar for at least 14 days

Although you may not notice any adverse effects at all, if you do, keep going and eventually your hair will start to feel healthier and glossier.

Should I use conditioner?

We don't believe you will need to. Solid shampoo bars have hair specific ingredients and once your hair and scalp has adjusted we believe these alone are all you need.

How often should I use my solid shampoo bar?

As often as you normally would. We use our shampoo bar 2 or 3 times per week.

Can I use my shampoo bar as a soap instead?

Yes. Yes. Yes. A solid shampoo bar is a soap and as such you could use one all over your body. Just remember each soap bar we stock has its own special properties and have been formulated specifically for different parts of your body. You will notice that the lather created from a solid shampoo bar is very different from a body soap bar.

We could go into further detail but we do not want to over complicate anything, but if you do have any further questions please comment below or use the 'message us' button hovering on your screen and we will reply as promptly as we can.

What about your very special product release?

Well as you asked nicely, here it is. Its a little early and there may still be tweaks to come as we are currently having the contents reviewed by a couple of our trusted Bloggers; Sarah over at Boxnip, and Kirsty over at As Told By Kirsty, but it is available to order as described now. Have a look at our new Top To Toe Box now. Custamisations can be made for that extra special gift.

Next up within our Top To Toe Blog we take a look at our Friendly Cleansing Soap Bars and just how versatile they are. 


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