Top To Toe Soap Bars, Head To Toe Or All In One Soap Bars

Top To Toe Soap Bars, Head To Toe Soap Bars Or All In One?

So, here at Adam & Eco we’re incredibly passionate about showing people just how amazing & versatile traditional handmade soap bars are. Hence why we use the strapline;

"Go Top To Toe With Adam & Eco"

But what does ‘Go Top To Toe With Adam & Eco’ actually mean?

Put simply, it means we stock specific natural soap bars that you can use from your head to toe, and everything in between! No more plastic bottles!

We don’t often use the term head to toe soap bars, given we have noticed a lot of other natural soap companies use this term, and we like to be as individual as we can. A quick search of the hashtag #TopToToe shows its more used for fashion.

This is also the same for all in one soap bars. We offer all in one soap bars, however as you’ll quite often hear at our Leeds soap shop, when you see a natural soap bar described as, for example, a Shampoo Bar, or a face soap bar, that is generally because it has been specifically designed to suit that part of your body.  All in one soap bars are a great choice for holidays as a travel soap, but may not always work as good as choosing specific soap bars.

So although you could use, for example, a shampoo bar as an all in one soap bar for your head to toe, some would consider this a waste, given you may be using ingredients on one part of your body that might not actually be of benefit.

The easiest example of this is Castor Oil. Although you may see this in many head to toe soap bars, more often than not you’ll find it mostly used in solid shampoo bars given its potential benefits for the hair and scalp.

So whether you’re looking for a top to toe soap bar, a head to toe soap bar, or an all in one soap, we have something to suit every need. 

To help you get on your way we now have two Top To Toe Bath Soap Gift Sets to choose from:

Our Mini Top To Toe Bath Soap Gift Set includes the essentials, where as our incredibly popular Top To Toe Bath Soap Gift includes a few more luxuries and is delivered FREE to UK mainland addresses.

All our bath soap gift sets are plastic free & wrapped in a choice of premium recycled wrapping papers with vegetable ink, for a truly ethical gift set.

Have you gone Top To Toe and ditched the plastic? We'd love to hear your thoughts...

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