The Retail Rollercoaster | The Highs & Lows Of Running Our Leeds Soap Shop Adam & Eco

The Retail Rollercoaster | The Highs & Lows Of Running Our Leeds Soap Shop

I can honestly tell you that establishing & running our little Leeds soap shop has been challenging, probably the most challenging thing I have ever done. I liken running our Leeds soap shop to a rollercoaster. It’s littered with highs & lows, & just like most rollercoasters you get the biggest high & lows at the start. 

Some of you will have seen that quite recently I got physically threatened by the shop opposite last week. This was for nothing more than asking them politely not to hang clothing on the empty shop opposite our own. My retail experience tells me merchandising of this kind does not work, it instead hinders sales, and not just for them, but it would directly effect our own soap shop & any other shops in close proximity too. As a result I thought you may find it interesting to hear & see some of the other lows we have encountered. This is just some of the lows too!

As the title suggests these lows are always followed by highs, and we certainly have lots and lots of highs at our Leeds soap shop too.


A Sign Someone Left On Our Leeds Soap Shop Shutter Suggesting We Were Closing

This dip was a pretty big one too, and lasted for quite a while. We had this amongst lots of trolling online, plus hacking of accounts, and even social posts that we're intended to look like we had sent them. Look closely & you'll still find a social account that you would believe to be our own. 

This dip ended with the perpetrator receiving an Harassment Warning being served under The Malicious Communications Act. 


Someone attempted to break in to our Leeds soap shop!

Someone Attempting To Break In To Our Leeds Soap Shop

And would you Adam & Eve it, despite having a CCTV camera right outside our soap shop, we we're informed that it didn't catch anyone as the camera was focused on one tile on the floor. 


The Remains Of Large Snowballs Being Thrown At My Face

Out of no where some bored teens started throwing quite large, icy snowballs at my head. It turns out, as the PCSO later advised, that these teens had been involved in a brawl moments earlier and broke someones arm. Look closely at the below image & you'll see the balaclava clad teen with his backpack on!

Balaclava Clad Teens Who Hurled Snowballs At My Face

So there you have a snapshot of what life is like on The Retail Rollercoaster. Three quite big dips with lots of little ones inbetween. 

Speak to my Mum too who has had pretty much the even a marriage proposal!

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this, Leeds Markets or your own Retail Rollercoaster....

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