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Our Pledge On Plastic | Why We're 99% Plastic Free

Today we're talking plastic free products. Plastic free shampoo bars, conditioner bars, face & body soap bars, plus plastic free gifts, accessories, and everything needed in-between at our Leeds soap shop.

But before we do, did you read our last blog post asking the very common question about Do Soap Bars Collect Germs?

Since we opened our soap shop in Leeds city centre we have noticed more & more emphasis being placed on ‘zero waste’ shopping & ‘plastic free’ shopping, resulting in specialist so-called zero waste shops in Leeds opening. However the zero waste shops in Leeds that have opened are certainly not zero waste, given a large amount of their products can be bought in packaging. Yes this packaging is plastic free & certainly better for the environment, we’re not suggesting otherwise, but there are already shops offering zero waste shopping in Leeds, and definately plastic free shopping in Leeds. Quite often these shops, like ours are now being over looked.

That being said, we just wanted to highlight that our own shop is now almost entirely plastic free & almost entirely single use plastic free. We will never commit to being 100% plastic free as it is just incredibly difficult to commit to, given we are reliant on external suppliers. Like we say within Our Values, we would rather be honest, than spin a lie just to boost sales. That's why we're called Adam & Eco. We're a very eco-friendly company & firmly believe that every little helps

So lets look at our plastic free products...

Our Plastic Free Products | Adam & Eco

Our Bath Soap Gift Sets even contain kraft cardboard shred and recycled tissue paper making them probably as eco-friendly as they can be!

Any plastic you do see in our store will be limited to plastic bottles & their lids, but  at the time of writing that amounts to 2 products only.

So when you are looking for plastic free shopping in Leeds or zero waste shops in Leeds, please re-look at the existing shops that may already be doing a good thing.

A prime example of this is The Nut Shop etc within Leeds Kirkgate Market that offers weigh & pay across a whole range of foods. 

Is there anything we could do better? Please let us know...

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