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Have You Tried Eco Soaps Ola Oil Soap Bars?

What makes Eco Soaps soap bars just so great I hear you say? In short Eco Soaps soap bars are:

  • 100% Natural
  • Freshly Handmade
  • Contain No Palm Oil
  • Contain No SLS or Parabens
  • Handmade With Scottish Ola Oil
  • Include Natural Essential Oils
  • Loaded With Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter & Other Fabulous Natural Ingredients

Our previous Top To Toe Soap Blog explained why we chose never to stock any natural soap bars that contain SLS or Parabens, but in this Top To Toe Soap Blog post we'll explain a little about the wonderful Scottish Ola Oil that's present in all of our Eco Soaps soap bars.

We first heard about Cathy and all of her freshly handmade Eco Soaps towards the end of 2015 when we first stocked her soap in what was then #TheSmallestSoapShop in Huddersfield. For nostalgia only this is what Eco Soaps looked like then.

Eco Soaps Freshly Handmade Natural Soap Bars In 2015 - Adam & Eco

Eco Soaps were popular then, and boy are they popular now. We've had some incredible feedback on Facebook and Instagram and on our website too, including comments such as:

"The honey and oats bar works wonders on my eczema!"

"I use this on my kids and myself as we all get dry itchy skin and patches of eczema and since using this all of our skin has improved a lot."

"We all love this soap, but none more so than my husband. He has sensitive, eczema prone skin... but since switching to this soap his skin is completely clear! No dry patches! We also use this soap on our 15 month old, who loves the smell of this soap! I feel so much better using this soap with her as i know its not full of nasty chemicals!"

So why are Eco Soaps providing such great results for people? Well, like we have always said we are no experts, but we do use all of the soaps we stock and actively encourage feedback. Plus this is our passion and so we love to research the ingredients too so we can share our knowledge with you. There are lots of wonderful natural ingredients packed inside each Eco Soap that could benefit you, but the one ingredient that makes Eco Soaps stand out from the crowd is Ola Oil. This is the Scottish name for Rapeseed Oil. You know the bright yellow fields you see in Spring and Summer, well that's Rapeseed and it's packed full of natural goodness your skin loves!

Eco Soaps Contain Rapeseed Oil - Adam & Eco

Ultimately Eco Soaps contain huge amounts of natural vitamin E which is present within the cold pressed Ola Oil or Rapeseed Oil used in every bar. Plus due to the traditional cold prcess method of producing the Eco Soaps soap bars all the natural Glycerin remains. Your skin loves this too.

The NHS tells us that Vitamin E:
"Helps maintain healthy skin and eyes, and strengthen the body's natural defence against illness and infection." 

Vitamin E does this by acting as an anti-oxidant and protecting cells from free radicals that cause damage to our immune system.

No wonder all the big multi-nationals are switching on and slowly using this amazing oil within their soap bars and beauty products!

For information on some of the other ingredients found inside Eco Soaps soap bars take a quick look at our A to Eco Ingredients Explained which is our quick reference guide and is ever growing with factual information.

View our full range of Eco Soaps online and if you have had any success stories please let the world know by leaving a review online or a comment below.


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