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Glycerin - All Our Soap Bars Have It!

Two questions we get asked almost daily at our Leeds soap shop;

  1. Do you sell Glycerin soap bars?
  2. Do your soap bars contain Glycerin?

The simple answer is YES! We do sell Glycerin soap as all the soap bars we stock naturally contain Glycerin. Because we get asked this question a lot, we thought we would best dispel some myths about Glycerin & Glycerin soap bars. So here goes...

Traditionally produced soap bars using the cold process method, like the ones you'll find at our soap shop, all contain Glycerin. The trouble is it is not an ingredient so will not be listed as one on the packaging. The Glycerin inside these soap bars is produced naturally as a result of the traditional soap making process.

So what are Glycerin Soap Bars?

More often than not this is just a marketing ploy used by retailers to make you believe you are getting something extra. However, occasionally, due to the method used to produce your soap, it may have been added as an ingredient. If it has, this is why you will see it listed as an ingredient. 

Glycerin is one of those ingredients that is so beneficial for your skin, that the big manufacturers often remove it from products where it has occurred naturally, so it can be added to more premium products that carry higher price tags.

So there you go, all our soap bars contain Glycerin, and yes, we do stock Glycerin soap bars!


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