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Your Tips Plant Trees | All Tips Donated To The UKs' Northern Forest Project
Your Tips Plant Trees | All Tips Donated To The UKs' Northern Forest Project
Free Gifts When You Order & Collect From Our Leeds Soap Shop

Free Gifts When You 'Order & Collect'


TO WIN £30+ of products from our Leeds zero waste store just comment below your fave smelling soap bar & whether you can collect or prefer delivery. For full details visit our Facebook post.

First & foremost, thankyou so much for supporting our little Yorkshire soap shop in Leeds throughout the UK Coronavirus epidemic. Honestly, we're truly greatful. 

However, as you all will know, we now have new social distancing guidelines to contend with, and when you have what's known as 'The Smallest Soap Shop' in Leeds, this means we can only have one customer inside the shop at any one time.

This, like many other Retail & Hospitality businesses is quite scary as it will massively impact our ability to sell from our physical shop. Can you imagine one in, one out at Christmas?! Nightmare!

As a result we have introduced our 'Order & Collect' service which allows you to collect your items without even entering our store. This reduces any risks associated with Covid19 & also helps keeps our shop free for those who do not shop online.

We're honest Yorksha folk though & need as many people as possible using this service. As such we've now incentivised this free service with free gifts when you spend over £15 or £30. 

When your order is ready for collection you will receive an email with instructions on how to claim. If your curious though you can view the;

We understand everyone shops differently. As such we try to keep everything as fair as possible. That's why we've matched the best free gifts available with our free UK delivery threshold. 

You now have 3 ways to shop & save with ourselves:

  1. Order £30+ online for free UK mainland delivery
  2. Order & Collect over £15 or £30 to claim a free gift
  3. Shop instore & use our Recognition card to earn a free soap or shampoo bar



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Gareth Brown - June 11, 2020

My favourite soap is lemongrass, and can collect from Leeds!

Sue Gray - June 11, 2020

I can collect from Leeds

Sue Gray - June 11, 2020

I love coconut and fruity fragranced soaps and my favourite is Pomegranate Noir.

Adam Eco - June 11, 2020

I love minty cocoa soap bars and can collect from Leeds

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