Are We The Original Smallest Soap Shop #TheSmallestSoapShop?

Are We The Original Smallest Soap Shop #TheSmallestSoapShop?

We would absolutely love your thoughts on this question;

Are we the original smallest soap shop in the UK that specialise in only cold process soap bars that are produced by independent businesses?

We certainly believe we are the first soap shop of its kind, but are we?

To help you decide around 90% of our products are soap bars, and of that 90% the vast majority are: 

  • 100% natural
  • Handmade using the traditional cold process technique
  • Contain no Palm Oil, plastic, Sulphates or Parabens

We also will never rebrand any handmade soap bar we stock given we want to showcase the amazing work these small artisan soap makers do.

As we have mentioned previously within Our Values, we are honest, upfront, straight talking Yorkshire folk, and always will be. However as we have grown our little Leeds soap shop into something slightly bigger, we have noticed more and more attention from those doing similar or perhaps looking to start their own specialist soap shop. Hence why we would like to know ‘are we the original smallest soap shop in the UK?’ 

You may be wondering; 

Why do we want to know?


Why does it matter if others are looking?

Well, this is where we are honest. We'd like to know if we are the first smallest soap shop of its kind primarily so we can use the hashtag #TheSmallestSoapShop with confidence knowing we are not conflicted with anyone else's hard work.

We also really do not mind people who look, even those with existing natural soap shops that you may consider as direct competition. All we ask is please be honest about it. Everyone likes to nosey, but if you are just tell us. By being honest this will hopefully negate any feelings of awkwardness etc. And trust us when we say this happens. But thankyou to those who are honest & do tell us. At least we can have an open conversation with you.


Why aren’t you bothered about people potentially copying?

Well, not only are we honest, we’re also very realistic. Realistic to know that as we do not produce our own cold process soap, instead sourcing it from artisan soap companies, that most of what we do could be copied. That's business. What people cannot copy is our brand, what we stand for, certain trade marks, and the relationships we are building with our customers & suppliers.

It goes without saying we regularly complete 'competitor analysis' checks with companies we know. Most retailers do, it's a very common practice. However we would never intentionally copy something fundamental to a competitor. That's not who we are. Customers can see through those that do.

I guess you could also consider this as part of The Retail Rollercoaster! Did you read it?

Are We The Original Smallest Soap Shop?

So what are your thoughts? Are we the original smallest soap shop?

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