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Our Plastic Free Pledge | Why We're 99% Plastic Free | Adam & Eco

Our Pledge On Plastic | Why We're 99% Plastic Free

Today we're talking plastic free products. Plastic free shampoo bars, conditioner bars, face & body soap bars, plus plastic free gifts, accessories, and everything needed in-between at our Leeds soap shop. But before we do, did you read our last...

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Do Soap Bars Collect Germs? | Adam & Eco

Do Soap Bars Collect Germs?

Our last blog post asked the common question Do You Sell Carbolic Soap Bars? Todays blog post will answer another common question, Do Soap Bars Collect Germs? So...Do Soap Bars Collect Germs? We get asked this question quite a lot...

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Glycerin - All Our Soap Bars Contain It - Adam & Eco

Glycerin - All Our Soap Bars Have It!

Two questions we get asked almost daily at our Leeds soap shop; Do you sell Glycerin soap bars? Do your soap bars contain Glycerin? The simple answer is YES! We do sell Glycerin soap as all the soap bars we...

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Have You Tried #EcoSoaps? - Adam & Eco

Have You Tried Eco Soaps Ola Oil Soap Bars?

What makes Eco Soaps soap bars just so great I hear you say? In short Eco Soaps soap bars are: 100% Natural Freshly Handmade Contain No Palm Oil Contain No SLS or Parabens Handmade With Scottish Ola Oil Include Natural...

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