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Our Eco Soaps Woodland Soap Bar Receives A 4 Star Review

Entitled 'Enchanting Forests,' Sonia described this all natural Eco Soaps Woodland Soap Bar as:

"Very pleasant soap to use. Evocative of highland forest smell. The consistency is excellent and leaves the skin smooth and hydrated. Would definitely recommend it."

When we asked in our previous Top To Toe blog post Have You Tried Eco Soaps Ola Oil Soap Bars, we spoke about the benefits the Rapeseed Oil used in these soap bars has for your skin, and Sonias' review reflects this.

This freshly handmade soap bar also includes activated charcoal and therefore would be great to use as an oily skin soap bar to help control oil build up on your skin.

Eco Soaps soap bars are fantastic value too weighing in at 125g when compared to the average soap bar weight of around 80g.

Take a look at our full range of Eco Soaps Soap Bars to find your perfect partner.

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